Safricode is a major player in construction and real estate development, with operations in DR. Congo. It designs, builds and operates projects in the sectors of building, infrastructure and industry.
As a responsible and committed leader in sustainable construction, Safricode sees innovation as its primary source of added value: this innovation is shared and benefits its customers at the same time as improving its productivity and the working conditions.


Founded in 2014, Safricode is a growing real estate company in Kinshasa. With more than 20 years of experience, the partnership between A One Construct and Devimco SARL allows us to reach new heights. Over the years, we have built bold real estate projects and continue to innovate. Our previous projects such as Ambassador, Concorde, Crystal, Prestige, Tradition, Le 130, and Mirage have made us leaders in the industry. We are proud of our expertise and the quality of life we ​​offer our clients.

Our organization is a construction firm building residential apartments and offices in various locations. Our experience and expertise are based on industry standards, all at a reasonable price. We assure you that the work is carried out by experts from the first phase until completion of the project. The majority of our customers are repeat buyers because we create long-term relationships with them; Safety, quality, punctuality of service and anticipation of needs. Our team is dedicated to growing the community and helping our clients make their dreams come true.
Ever since the earliest days of the Safricode group, Safricode has grown through a long series of innovative projects. Its ability to leverage its expertise to meet increasingly ambitious challenges defines the identity of a group that never stands still.


Our vision is to lead the commercial construction industry with a thirst for excellence, a preeminent reputation, and a dedication to strong partnerships.


We commit to provide high quality and added value to the construction process. Our dedicated approach deliversexceptional quality, predictable outcomes, continuous growth, opportunities, and mutually beneficial relationships. This pattern of excellence continues today, and is the blueprint for achievement tomorrow.


Cooperation: We have a team spirit in all levels and we take advantage of any information or idea.
Satisfaction: The most important value of our company is the satisfaction of our customers and we are always eager to understand their requirements and to act proactively.
Transparency: We foster an ethically correct environment and we manage internal and external relations in a way that allows maximum transparency.
Proactivity: We think forward and influence events by being aware of opportunities leading to formulation of proposals that may assist to achieve our objectives.
Innovation: Value creativity and challenges to the norm. We encourage and reward invention. We challenge ourselves to seek creative solutions, learn from our outcomes, and pioneer advancements.

What does the future hold?

Safricode has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and is committed to seizing all attractive opportunities for development. To conquer new markets, the Group counts on its capacity for innovation, its agility and its expertise to constantly offer more added value to its customers, and it does this throughout the entire value chain of construction.